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Lamb pelts and plaids

Pelts fit in at almost every spot of your house; on the couch or the sofa, in the car, your favourite armchair, the home office, the baby carriage - or on the terrace on cool summer evenings.
Our Gotland Pelts are very large, soft and shiny. You get them in all shades of grey and sometimes even black. The pelts have not been coloured in any way and therefore each pelt is unique.

Each year in March we receive our pelts from the Swedish tannery Tranås.
It's like Christmas once again!

The pelts are either cut in a wool length of 35 mm. or 50 mm. or holds full wool length, which is about 100 to 200 mm. The cut pelts are washable at 30 degrees Celcius.

Please feel free to contact us in order to see the pelts and plaids here at our farm.
If you are not situated in Denmark, please ask for additional photos.

We sell Gotland Pelts from 1.400 Dkr. and up.

Examples of pelts:

Natural, uncut dark grey.
120 x 90 cm. 2.500 Dkr.



Pelt no.1

Cut in 50 mm.
115 x 80 cm. 1.900 Dkr.



Pelt no.2

Cut in 35 mm.
120 x 90 cm. 2.000 Dkr.



Pelt no.3


Plaid in 100% Danish Gotland wool in the natural colors of the Gotland Sheep. Uncolored.
Made in Denmark.
240 x 140 cm. SOLD OUT.



Plaid by Danish Gotland Sheep Association

Sometimes we have pelts which are fine for sewing.
Write us and ask, if you are interested.

How to order:
Send an email to: with your name, address, number and whether you are looking for a pelt or a plaid. You may also add, if you are looking for at light grey, medium grey, dark grey or black pelt.
We will then contact you and find a the perfect Gotland Sheep item for you.

Spoil yourself or your loved ones with a Gotland Pelt or Plaid from Lykkegaarden!


         Updated  December 2023
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